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The Team
At Wee Beastie, we think up clever ideas and bring them to life. Our mission? Provide the most emotionally compelling advertising by focusing on initial creative development. For us, concept is king. The result? Work that always cuts through the clutter.

Monica Hinden

is an experienced Executive Producer who has brought many high-end concepts from the printed page to the screen. Having produced Upfront projects for both Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, she is an expert problem solver and no stranger to logistical nightmares. From Monica's point of view, nothing is a problem - there is always a solution. Relax, and let her handle it...

Chris McKenna

has 20 years of experience as a writer and director of commercials, promos and short-form programming. His campaigns have led to higher ratings, brand recognition and ultimately profits for his clients. Chris has designed campaigns for household-name shows and commercial brands. As a director, Chris's strengths include directing show talent, compelling visuals and quirky comedy.
What is a Wee Beastie?
Wee Beasties are those sticky concepts that get lodged inside your head. The catchy song that you keep humming, the stunning visual you can't forget, those great ideas that keep you from falling asleep. These clever concepts are our specialty, because Wee Beasties are what we're all about.

Alan William Harris

Comedy Dialogue/Celebrity

Alan William Harris is best known for his commercial work for a little mom-and-pop network called MTV, where he has received two Emmy nominations. Alan’s visual sensibilities lean heavily on style and color while his comedic strengths highlight his background in improvised comedy (being an alumnus of The Second City and Upright Citizen’s Brigade theaters). To date, he has directed such celebrity talent as Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Chris Parnell, Rob Corddry and Justin Timerblake, with clients ranging from Burger King and Paramount Studios to Best Buy and The American Legacy Foundation. In addition to his commercial work, Alan is also in pre-production on his first feature film, an indie teen drama/comedy scheduled to shoot later this year.

DeathCabforCutieScreenshot (Alan)
BurgerKingContestScreenShot (Alan)

Chris McKenna

Comedy/Dialogue, Storytelling/Visual FX Chris McKenna is the talent whisperer. He draws out a great performance in the most difficult of situations and puts high-flying actors and show hosts at ease. Chris is as an “actor’s director” who also has a great eye for strong visuals and beautiful composition. Great with children and animals, he has survived the worst. Ask him about the homicidal pig. After the pig, he is ready for anything.

Dish and The Walking Dead Pic
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Lexus Screen Shot
USA Summer Screenshot
Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 1.15.39 PM

Lori Balaban

Talent/Branded Entertainment

Lori Balaban has over a decade of entertainment industry experience. She’s written, produced, and directed for NBC, AMC, CBS, National Geographic, Bain, Harley Davidson, Sundance, and Disney. She’s committed to storytelling and has written numerous screenplays, documentaries and TV scripts. She’s currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing.

Ambush Makeover Screenshot
Sundance Channel: Tastemakers Screenshot (Lori)
AMC: Ron Howard and Rush Screenshot (Lori)
Disney- Best Western Screen Shot
Fashion Suncovered: Men to Watch (Lori)

Ronnie Krensel

Real People/Automotive

Ronnie Krensel has been making commercials, promos, and TV shows for close to twenty years. In that time he’s filmed with rockers, rappers, storm chasers, gurus and of course a few comedians. As one of the few show runners in the promo business, he understands how to boil the essence of a show down to just 30 seconds while still retaining the overall theme. On set, Ronnie is well versed in helping actors feel natural. Additionally, he helps non-actors find their inner performer, and brings out the best in cars, buildings, and other natural environments.

Travel Hotel Imposs Season 5 Launch

JR Soldano

Comedy/Drama/Network Talent

JR Soldano is a director, writer and producer who brings over 20 years of experience in both business-to-business and consumer channels. He spent 8 years with The Discovery Channel as their Supervising Producer and in-house director. JR has garnered a number of industry awards, including 6 Addys, a BDA Award, a Telly Award, 1 Silver and 3 Gold Promax award, and has directed two acclaimed, award-winning shorts in the past 4 years. In addition, JR is one of the creators/writers/producers of cult favorite Pancake Mountain—an offbeat, internet-based kids’ show—and also writes and performs as celebrity-interviewing puppet Rufus Leaking on the show.

How It's Made Screenshot2
HGTV House Hunters Screenshot2
DiscoveryMythPennandTellerSCREENSHOT (JR)
Science Space Week 2
Soapnet Dove SCREENSHOT (JR)

March 2014


Create our very own game show, and have it hosted by the one and only Bob Eubanks? Count us in! This spot for DISH spices up the classic "Dating Game" format with new "contestants" and one very lucky lady. Everything about the spot is custom, from the custom-built 70's-themed set, to custom colors that mimic the iconic red hues of DISH. Bob Eubanks, the veteran game show host that he is, walked on set and was immediately in his element. The finished product is a riotous spot, and of course a happy couple.

July 2013


We put on our dancing shoes for the second season commercial shoot of Chuck’s Eat The Street on The Cooking Channel. The spot was originally set as live action in the Bronx, but a massive thunderstorm the day of didn't agree with that plan. We reworked the concept to showcase Chuck’s span across the country via green screen. Chuck and his loyal backup singers travel through postcards, visiting the streets of Washington DC, San Antonio, and more for the most delicious dishes. We’re really happy with the spot in light of the initial challenges, and we thank Chuck and the crew for being so flexible. But now we can’t get the spot’s song out of our heads!

May 2013


We start our celebration for the summer season early with Coppertone and USA NetworkMark Feuerstein reprises his role from USA’s Royal Pains to enjoy a gorgeous day at the beach. He relaxes, wades in the water, and soaks up the sun with a bottle of Coopertone at hand. Always eager to show off, Mark makes sure to broadcast his fun to Callie Thorne of Necessary Roughness fame. Despite Mark’s upbeat performance, this spot was actually filmed on one of the coldest days of the year! The spot was still a lot of fun to make, and a great way to connect summer fun for these two brands.

April 2013


We had a great time shooting with TBS and Wendy’s recently to create promos for the “Life is Funny” campaign. After locating a fantastic apartment near Wee Beastie headquarters in downtown Manhattan, the crew loaded in for a long yet productive day of filming. The spots highlight the great things that happen when friends, and Wendy’s, get together. When all was said and done, we had three brand new promos showcasing two fantastic brands. The team had lots of fun, but we are forever finished with the word “booyah”. Ha! Click the video link to check out the spot!

January 2013


We journeyed far from home, Bolivia to be exact, to shoot with Don Wildman for Travel Channel’s Road to the Unexpected. This spot is the latest in a series of Road to the Unexpected shoots, sponsored by Land Rover, that have also brought the team to Jamaica, Canada, and England. The team encountered some amazing natural wonders in Bolivia, none greater than the Salar De Uyuni. Don acted as tour guide, using a trusted Land Rover to navigate some difficult yet beautiful terrain. We are able to see how some of life’s greatest wonders are found off the beaten path. Click the video link to check it out!


Brady Barr is back, this time training young gecko enthusiasts in our latest spot with Geico and National Geographic. Brady informs his class that geckos never blink, inspiring the class to do their best gecko imitation. We had a lot of fun working with Brady, and his adorable “geckos” as well. Shot nearby in Brooklyn, the team was just as fascinated with the kids as we were with Brady’s endless gecko knowledge. We look forward to visiting Brady’s class again to see what he and his fantastic gecko students are learning! Click the video link to see the spot.

November 2012


Despite Hurricane Sandy making travel out of New York difficult, the team flew to Tennessee to shoot on location with Sam Palladio for Samsung and ABC’s Nashville. Vignettes within the spot illustrate the history of Nashville and how this unique history works to inspire the music on the show. Shooting on site allowed for the aura and beauty of the city to shine through. Before returning home, we were fortunate enough to swing by the legendary Bluebird Café and hear some music that Sam handpicked for the spot. Click the video link to check it out!

August 2012


Welcome to our sparkly new site. We adored the original Wee Beastie site design, but we felt it was time for a change. It has been six years, after all! Since we opened our agency, things have just gotten crazier, crazier and even crazier for our over-stretched clients. So, we’ve streamlined and simplified: our work is now front and center and easy to access. Navigation is quicker and simpler, though we have added links to Behind the Scenes articles. We will share interesting production challenges, techniques and solutions; all part of our mission to share our knowledge and keep inspiration levels up in the industry. Everything has been written in HTML5, so it should work fine on iPads. Enjoy!

June 2012


Recently we had the pleasure of working with Chef Robert Irvine and Food Network to create a promo for Restaurant: Impossible. Chef Robert was a tremendous spirit and was totally game for all the crazy shenanigans we had in store for him! Shot entirely on green screen, this spot required the cast and crew to tap into their imaginations. But the same way Chef Robert transforms struggling restaurants on Restaurant: Impossible, we were able to transform our bizarre and seemingly nonsensical footage of Chef Robert doing strange things against a green backdrop into one wild promo! Click the link to check out the end result.


We loved working with Nat Geo WILD to create a launch campaign for the final season of The Dog Whisperer. In this music-video dream sequence, set to the tune of Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” Cesar Millan sings to his dog, promising to fulfill his every wish. It looks like Cesar is at the dog’s beck and call, but luckily, it’s only a nightmare! We had fun working with the talented Cesar Millan and that adorable basset hound, who had some pretty moving on-screen chemistry. Click on the video to check it out.

April 2012


After a great shoot last year with Adam Richman, star of Man Versus Food, Travel Channel asked us to create an integrated spot with Adam and the Sears Kenmore fridge. With a great script from Travel, plenty of enthusiasm from Adam and an amazing transformation of the set (provided by Kenmore) – we put together a fun spot in which Adam creates a ginormous sandwich, finding all the ingredients he needs in the Kenmore fridge. The spot is also a tie-in with Adam’s new show, in which he searches for America’s greatest sandwiches. Click the video link to check it out.

January 2012


Food shooting, car-to-car filming and a 30-foot gnome – all on a windy winter’s day in Long Island. A recipe for disaster that turned out just great! We brought in a mobile kitchen, an awesome, Wendys-approved food stylist (plus assistants) and a camera car and tow-rig for our picture car. After some crazy, full-on burger shooting (the kind of stuff that is usually done under super-controlled studio conditions), we hitched up the trailer and spent a few hours tooling around the highway with a police escort, getting some crazy looks from other drivers. All in all, a surreal way to end the year. What a trip! Click on the video link to see the results.
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